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The parametric workflow presents a singular method for integration of fit and style customisation while maintaining the basic structure of a high heel shoe throughout all concepts produced from the workflow. The refined parameters have been rigorously tested to work together. In the developed workflow these can be used together, set to default or in some cases, not at all.

A digital last is built using the input of a 3D scan of ones foot, which is then used in the workflow to construct the shoe around. From there, a series of Blender modifiers parametrically build the shoe. The heel height and toe form can be easily adjusted using these modifiers. Parameters for the upper component, Textured by Vector, Framed by Form and Life by Instance, unleash endless possibilities for style variation. These are incorporated into the workflow by using different aspects of the Blender animation software. The final parameter can be used to manipulate the form of the heel component.

As a result, two components are produced and can be printed on demand. The combination of the parameters and the capabilities of 3D printing, are what make this workflow unlike traditional processes.

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