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This project is focused around the current Covid-19 pandemic and how we can prevent the spread of this virus and other viruses in the future. In doing so, I learnt that we transfer 80% of infections from the interaction of touching our faces with our hands. c-zero is a wearable device that will vibrate when your hand is nearing your face, reminding you not to. This ring also tracks your heart rate and body temperature by sending the information to an app. The app tracks this information and will inform you if it is out of the ordinary as this may be a sign of infection. The ring can be turned off via the app, however will remind you to wash your hands first.The design of the ring and accessories are of a beautiful aesthetic suitable for most users, yet unique in serving its purpose to prevent the interaction. 


Wearable technology

The elements of this design are compacted into the ring by using the smallest working technology available. Inside a ring is a transmitter, receiver, vibrator, Photoplethysmography sensor, Negative Temperature Coefficient sensor, arduino and a wireless battery. This may seem like a lot to fit into a ring, however this is a fraction of the components that are in the wearable devices that exist today. In the earring or pendant is a transmitter and receiver, the only required features needed to communicate with the ring wirelessly. When the transmitter, receiver in the ring and earring/pendant are in close proximity, the vibrator in the ring is activated until moved away. The Photoplethysmography sensor monitors heart rate by a light that senses the blood flow under the skin. Body temperature is monitored through a Negative Temperature Coefficient sensor by recognising a change in temperature. The Ardunio and transmitter wirelessly sends this information to the app.

Don't Burst My Bubble!

My project, ‘Don’t burst my bubble’, tells the story of how our focus has changed since the Covid-19 pandemic began and how we have had to re-evaluate our careless and excessive use of materials in day to day life. This design shows innovation in a creative and unique way while putting emphasis on sustainability and current affairs. The pandemic has given us an opportunity that has never been seen before, an opportunity to reset and re-think, especially in design. It is necessary to recognise opportunities like this in order to design successfully for the future. 

Fly Lighting is a luxurious lighting product for high end restaurants designed to appeal to the elegant taste, but more importantly, to eliminate a small but huge nuisance - flies - unnoticeably. Once installed where flies may be present, the light as well as permanent bait placed nearby allures flies to the centre of the product. Flies are detected on their way by a motion sensor and an activated motor silently sweeps them into a removable pod.

Fly Lighting